First Year Camper Program Guide

This web page has information on the First Year Camper Program Guide, written for the use of the program staff of Boy Scout Resident Camps.  The guide has all materials necessary to run a comprehensive First Year Camper Program, including schedules, syllabi, lesson plans, and equipment lists.  It is currently used by the Atlanta Area Council, the Mecklenburg County Council, the Southern Region National Camping School (Outdoor Skills Section), and the Northeast Region National Camping School (First Year Camper Section).

NEWS: The First Year Camper Program Guide is the first item to be featured on the BSA's Best Ideas for Outdoor Programs website!

I don't have much to say at the moment, but when I do it will be posted on this page.  For now, feel free to download the most recent version of the guide (March, 2005; pagination corrected in June, 2005).

Improvements slated for the next revision include: updating teaching methods to the Teaching EDGETM model, incorporating Leave No Trace Frontcountry Ethics throughout the program, and improving the menus.

Errata will be available when errors are corrected; the most likely culprits in this case will be the recommended merit badges, as requirements have changed.

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