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NUAGES for Mac

Bernhard Geiger wrote the software package NUAGES in the mid-1990s for the creation of digital, 3D cross-sections.  The web site for his software package is  The website has compiled binary files for a variety of platforms.  Unfortunately, it does not have them for Macintosh OS X, and the source code does not immediately work on Mac OS X.  Because I need to use NUAGES for my thesis and research, I modified the make file and source code of the source distribution found on Geiger's ftp server.  I then compiled the source code to create the binaries.  As a service to others, I post the files, in Stuffit format, here.

Source Code:

To compile:
1.  Edit the Makefile to add the $BIN= path.  This path should be the path to wherever the Makefile is. (For example, if you have put all of the files in a folder entitled 'NUAGES' in your home folder, the line should read: $BIN=/Users/username/NUAGES/
2.  Type 'make' at the terminal.  Everything should compile correctly.


To run:
1.  Edit the nuages file and change the bin= line so that it points to wherever the nuages file is (e.g. bin=/Users/username/NUAGES/)
2.  You will likely need to run the file by typing './nuages' (without the quotes).  Simply running './nuages' will give you the syntax for running the program.  In my research, where I generate inventor files, I use the following syntax: './nuages filename.cnt -tri filename.iv -iv'


I didn't write the NAUGES program, but if you have any questions about the executables or the source code I have edited, please feel free to contact me at

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