Friday, May 11, 2007

  On the Road Again...

Last weekend, I drove from Arlington, VA to Houston, TX as part of a job relocation (hello, hurricanes). Over the course of two days, I did about 22 hours worth of driving which, for the most part, I enjoyed. Besides the opportunity to think and reflect on a number of things, I was able to really reflect on two things that seem to be omnipresent in American society:
  1. There is nothing good on the radio.
  2. Nobody uses turn signals when changing lanes.

Both of these I consider unfortunate and distressing. The first case really isn't worth going spending much time discussing, as everyone's musical tastes differ and the insufferable radio stations I listened to from Atlanta to Houston could actually appeal to some people. Sadly, since I now live in Houston and can't find anything appealing on the radio, I am being driven towards finding music I enjoy on my own, purchasing it, and storing it on an MP3 player (which I do not yet own). Like I don't have enough to do already...

The second, though, is really unacceptable. It's a matter of simple, common courtesy, not to mention defensive driving. On all-too-frequent occasions I was abruptly cut off by some car changing lanes without signaling. I'm not sure why people don't use turn signals when changing lanes (perhaps they were distracted by trying to choose a new song to listen to on their MP3 player because they, too, found the radio stations insufferable...), but it reflects general inconsideration for fellow drivers. While I'm not a big fan of trucks (a FedEx truck ran me off the road last summer by merging into the space I was occupying), I will say this: every time a truck has abruptly moved out in front of me, they've used a turn signal to give me some amount of warning, no matter how small (even the FedEx truck). Automobile drivers should take note and provide the same courtesy, even if they don't change how they drive.


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