Scouting and Me

This page has information on my involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, resources I provide in support of their mission, and my reasons for doing so. It also has links to photos of Scouting activities in which I have participated.


Southern Region Headquarters Staff, 2010 National Scout Jamboree (2010)

Registrar, Subcamp 19, 2005 National Scout Jamboree (2005)

Volunteer, National Capital Area Council (2004-present)

Assistant Scoutmaster for Program, Wood Badge 82-95/NE-VI-70 (2009-2011)
Assistant Scoutmaster for Support, Wood Badge 82-94/NE-IV-216 (2009-2011)
Troop Guide, Wood Badge 82-93/NE-IV-215 (2008-2010)
Assistant Scoutmaster for Program, Wood Badge 82-92/NE-IV-205 (2008-2009)
Committee Member, Goshen Scout Reservation Committee (2007-present)
Assistant Scoutmaster for Leadership, IMPEESA June Course (2006)
Scribe, Wood Badge 82-88/NE-IV-182 (2005-2007)
Committee Member, IMPEESA (Youth Leader Training) Committee (2005-present)
Council Member-at-Large (2005-present)
Committee Member, Boy Scout Outdoor Program Committee (2004-2006)

Volunteer, Shenandoah Area Council (2004-2005)

Volunteer Consultant, Camp Rock Enon (2004-2005)

Volunteer, Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America (2004-present)

Instructor, Northeast Region Outdoor Program Seminar (2006, 2008)

Member, Regional NYLT Conference Steering Committee (2006-present)

Assistant Scoutmaster, Northeast Region Youth Staff Development Course (2006)

Chairman, First Year Camper Program Task Force (2005-present)

Staff Member, National Camping School (2005-present)

Section Director, First Year Camper Section, Treasure Valley Scout Reservation (2009)
First Year Camper Specialist, Treasure Valley Scout Reservation (2008)
First Year Camper Specialist, Heritage Scout Reservation (2006-present)
Section Director, First Year Camper Section, Robsham Scout Reservation (2005-present)
Committee Member, NER NCS Steering Committee (2005-present)
First Year Camper Specialist, Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation (2005, 2007-present)
First Year Camper Specialist, Camp Squanto (2005, 2007)

Member, NESA Scholarships Committee (2004-present)

President, Harvard Friends of Scouting (2001-2004)

Coordinator, HFoS Merit Badge Clinics (2002-2003)

Dean, Merit Badge University (2001-2004)
Dean Emeritus, Merit Badge University (2005-present)

Official Web Page
Boys' Life Article on Merit Badge University (JPEG files): Page 1  Page 2

Volunteer, Boston Minuteman Council (2001-2004)

Member, Eagle Scout Scholarships Committee (2005-present)
District Member-at-Large, Sea Walk District (2004-2005)
Recipient, Silver Beaver Award (May, 2004)
Recipient, District Award of Merit, Sea Walk District (February, 2004)
Assistant Scoutmaster for Venturing, Wood Badge NE-I-209, Boston Minuteman Council and Cape Cod and the Islands Council (2003)
Chartered Organization Representative, Crew 1636 (Harvard Friends of Scouting) (2002-2006)
Committee Member, Council Camping Committee (2002-2004)
Committee Member, Sea Walk District Committee (2001-2004)

Camp Staff Member, Bert Adams Scout Reservation, Atlanta Area Council (1999-2003)

Scoutcraft Instructor (1999)
Director of Scoutcraft (2000-2001)
Director of the First Year Camper (Rawhide) Program (2002-2003)
Volunteer Consultant (2003-2006)

Participant, Owl Patrol, Wood Badge 92-42 (SR-475), Atlanta Area Council (2002)

Staff Member, National Junior Leader Instructor Camp, Philmont Scout Ranch, National Council, Boy Scouts of America (2002)

Staff Member, Junior Leader Training Conference (Green Bar), Atlanta Area Council (1997-2000)

Troop Instructor (1997)
Course Quartermaster (1998)
Senior Patrol Leader, Green Troop (1999)
Course Senior Patrol Leader (2000)

Eagle Scout, Troop 304, Atlanta Area Council (1996)

This, of course, begs the question: why am I involved?


National Junior Leader Instructor Camp: The photos I took at NJLIC can be found here.


Lyrics to The Quartermaster's Store

First Year Camper Program Guide* (web page)

Advancement in Scouting Handout*

Pioneering Projects Big and Small*
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